Product name: (Triphenylphosphoranylidene)acetaldehyde CAS No.: 2136-75-6 Formula: C20H17OP Molecular: 304.32 Boiling Point: 472.618 C at 760 mmHg Melting Point: 185-188 C(lit.) Appearance: pink to brown crystalline powder Product description: (Triph [Detail]

CAS No.:  2136-75-6

Product name: Sulfobetaine 10 CAS No.: 15163-36-7 Formula: C15H33NO3S Molecular: 307.48 Purity: 98% Appearance: White solid Application: A synthetic zwitterionic detergent, which unlike other amphoteric surfactants, retains its zwitterionic character [Detail]

CAS No.:  15163-36-7

Product name: Adamantane-1-carboxylic acid hydrazide CAS No.: 17846-15-0 Formula: C11H18N2O Molecular: 194.27 Solubility: Practically insoluble (0.052 g/L) (25 oC), Calc. Density: 1.2030.06 g/cm3 (20 oC 760 Torr), Calc. Melting point: 154-157 oC [Detail]

CAS No.:  17846-15-0

Product name: 1-Adamantyl Isothiocyanate Synonyms: Tricyclo(,7))decane, 1-isothiocyanato-;1-Isothiocyanatoadamantane;Adamantyl isothiocyanate; CAS No.: 4411-26-1 Formula: C11H15NS Molecular: 193.31 Assay: 98%min Appearance: white crystalline [Detail]

CAS No.:  4411-26-1

Product name: Coco Glucoside CAS NO: 141464-42-8 Molecular Formula: C16H32O6 Molecular Weight: 320.42168 Appearance: Light yellow liquid Uses: detergent and cosmetic Product description: Coco Glucoside is an non-ionic surfactant that can be used as a [Detail]

CAS No.:  141464-42-8

Product name: Ascorbyl Stearate CAS No.: 10605-09-1 Formula: C24H42O7 Molecular: 442.586 g/mol Product description: Ascorbyl stearate is an ester formed from ascorbic acid and stearic acid. In addition to its use as a source of vitamin C, it is used  [Detail]

CAS No.:  10605-09-1

Product name: Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 CAS No.: 299157-54-3 Formula: C24H38N8O6S Molecular: 566.67 Sequence: Biotin-Gly-His-Lys-OH Appearance: White crystalline powder Specification: 99%min Solubility: soluble in water. Application: Promote the growth  [Detail]

CAS No.:  299157-54-3

Product name: Climbazole CAS No.: 38083-17-9 Molecular Formula: C15H17ClN2O2 Molecular Weight: 292.76 Synonyms: 1-(p-chlorophenoxy)-3,3-dimethyl-1-(1-imidazolyl)-2-Butanone;bay-e 6975;baypival;baysan;climbazol;climbazole;Radix Asteris Assay: 99% Melt [Detail]

CAS No.:  38083-17-9

Product name: Polyethylene Polyamine CAS No.: 68131-73-7 Molecular Formula: C2n+2H5n+8Nn+2 Solubility: soluble in water Appearance: colorless or yellow or red liquid Product description: The systematic name of Polyethylene-polyamines is Amines. Prepa [Detail]

CAS No.:  68131-73-7

Product name: Chlorphenesin Synonyms: 3-(4-Chlorophenoxy)-1,2-propanediol CAS No.: 104-29-0 Molecular Formula: C9H11O3Cl Molecular Weight: 202.63484 Appearance: White powder Use: skin whitening,perservative Product description: Chlorphenesin is anoth [Detail]

CAS No.:  104-29-0