Product name: Hydrocinnamoyl Chloride CAS: 645-45-4 Molecular Formula: C9H9ClO Molecular weight: 168.62 Density: 1.135 g/mL Melting point: -7C Flash point: 227 F Application: Used as pharmaceutical intermediate, and also take part in many organic syn [Detail]

CAS No.:   645-45-4

Product name: Aminexil (2, 4-diaminopyramidine-3-oxide) CAS NO.: 7463876-9 Molecular Formula : C6H6N4O Molecular Weight : 126 Appearance: white powder Purity: 99.0% Product description: Aminexil increase the volume of hair in the growth stage by work [Detail]

CAS No.:  74638–76-9

Product name: Sodium Glycerophosphate CAS No.: 17603-42-8 Molecular Formula: C3H6NaO7P Molecular Weight: 208.0391 Appearance: White crystalline powder Solubility: soluble in water Product description: Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder; O [Detail]

CAS No.:  17603-42-8

Product name: Polyvinylidene Fluoride CAS No.: 24937-79-9 Molecular Formula: C2H2F2 Molecular weight: 64.0341 Appearance: White powder Product description: Polyvinylidene fluoride is a novel fluorocarbon thermal plastic resin with advantages of fluor [Detail]

CAS No.:  24937-79-9

Product name: Ticarcillin Disodium CAS No.: 4697-14-7 Molecular Formula: C15H14N2Na2O6S2 Molecular weight: 428.39 Solubility: Soluble in methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in acetone, ether and chloroform Product description: Ticarcillin  [Detail]

CAS No.:  4697-14-7

Product name: Annonacin CAS No.: 111035-65-5 Molecular Formula: C35H64O7 Molecular Weight: 596.886 Purity: 99% Biological Use/Importance: Cytotoxic agent. Shows insecticidal and mutagenic activity Solubility: Sol. MeOH, C6H6, hexane; poorly sol. H2O  [Detail]

CAS No.:  111035-65-5

Product name: Azoxymethane CAS No.: 25843-45-2 Molecular Formula: C2H6N2O Molecular weight: 74.08 Density: 0.991 g/mL Boiling Point: 97-99 C Product description : Azoxymethane (AOM), a gene mutation agent, may be used with dextran sulfate sodium (DSS [Detail]

CAS No.:  25843-45-2

Product name: Masitinib CAS No.: 790299-79-5 Molecular Formula: C28H30N6OS Molecular Weight: 498.64 Appearance: White or almost white crystalline powder Function and Usage: Used to cure gastrointestinal stromal tumor, asthma. Product Description: Mas [Detail]

CAS No.:  790299-79-5

Product name: Spirodiclofen Chemical Name: 3-(2, 4-dichlorophenyl)-2-oxo-1-oxaspiro [4.5] dec3-en-4-yl) 2, 2-dimethylbutyrate CAS No.: 148477-71-8 Molecular Formula: C21H24Cl2O4 Molecular weight: 411.3189 Density: 1.28g/cm3 Boiling point: 550.2°C App [Detail]

CAS No.:  148477-71-8

Product name: Emamectin Benzoate CAS No.: 155569-91-8 Molecular formula : C49H77NO13 Molecular Weight : 888.13 Appearance: Off-White powder Product Description : Emamectin Benzoate is widely used in controlling lepidopterous pests (order of insects t [Detail]

CAS No.:  155569-91-8