Zinc Oxide Whisker

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Zinc Oxide Whisker

Product name:Zinc Oxide Whisker
CAS No.:
Molecular Formula: ZnO   
Purity: >99 %
Needle length: 5um-10um
Bulk density: 0.12g / m3
Crystal structure: single crystal structure
Appearance: white flocculent
1. Polymeric materials Antistatic agent (white, high efficiency, permanent, and enhanced, wear resistance, etc.);
2. Wear-resistant and anti-skid materials (such as high - grade rubber tires, brake pads, wear - resistant gear, rubber conveyor, etc.);
3. Microwave absorbing materials (absorbing stealth, microwave heat transfer, anti - electromagnetic interference, anti - microwave radiation, etc.);
4. Vibration and noise reduction materials (structural vibration, industrial vibration, noise noise reduction materials);
5. Ceramic toughening materials (process ceramics, structural ceramics, special ceramics);
6. Composite reinforcements (improved mechanical properties, processability, strength and elastic modulus);
7. Antibacterial anti - algae composite materials (household appliances, daily necessities, textiles, paint);
8. Formaldehyde and a variety of organic decomposition materials (decorative materials, indoor air treatment);
Description About Zinc Oxide Whisker CAS 1314-13-2:
The zinc oxide whisker has on its surface at least one layer of metal or alloy layer in the required thickness of 10 nm to 10 microns.
Zinc Oxide Whisker has a unique three-dimensional four-needle structure, each needle is a single crystal microfiber; semiconductor, piezoelectric, pressure-sensitive properties.
The performance of zinc oxide whiskers is much better than that of ordinary zinc oxide.

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