What is Amberlite CG-400

Amberlite CG-400 is wee particle or gel-like substance. It is CI-type strong baseanion exchangeresin. It is also called Amberlite CG-400(II) or ion-exchange resin. Granularity: 200-400. This product shall be sealed to preserve. CAS: 37247-87-3.
It is used as gas chromatogram stuffing bulking agent. Slightly yellowish beige fine powder Strongly basic anion exchange resin Suitability for ion chromatographic applications. Uesd in separate and analysis halogen,natural base,fatty acid,etc. Catalog of Chemical Suppliers Buyers Distributors And Custom Synthesis & Organic Synthesis & Bio-Synthesis Companies Amberlite cg-400 ion-exchange resin 37247-87-3. Amberlite is the tradename of a range of ion-exchange resins.
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