Sodium phosphate important warning

Sodium phosphate can could cause austere branch accident and possibly death. In some cases, this accident was permanent, and some humans whose kidneys were damaged had to be advised with dialysis (treatment to abolish decay from the claret if the kidneys are not alive well).
Some humans developed branch accident aural a few canicule afterwards their treatment, and others developed branch accident up to several months afterwards their treatment. Acquaint your doctor if you accept anytime had a biopsy (removal of a section of tissue for assay in a laboratory) that showed that you accept branch problems acquired by too abundant phosphate or abdomen anaplasty and if you accept or accept anytime had a blockage or breach in your intestine.
Your doctor may acquaint you not to yield sodium phosphate. Also acquaint your doctor if you are constipated, you accept astringent abdomen affliction or bloating, you anticipate you may be dehydrated (have absent a lot of aqueous from your body), or you accept or advance affection of aridity such as vomiting, dizziness, decreased urination, and headache.