What is Galactose Oxidase ?

Galactose oxidase is an enzyme in zymology,it has many functions,fox example,it can be used as a catalyze in some chemical reaction.This product is a powder which is white,freezing and drying.As we all know,it is sensitive to the moisture,it is about 55U/mg or 500~1500U/mg.It is also used in biochemical research,and applied for lactose determination.
This product should be drying sealed below the temperation of 0℃,and there is one thing must to do,which is that the storage container should be filled with argon gas.There is a chemical equation to explain one of its important functions. D-galactose + O2 D-galacto-hexodialdose + H2O2.It can be made from the fungus Fusarium,which is just a plant poathogen.
The biological applications of galactose oxidase are unknown,but in fact,it is may have effects on breaking down the cell wall of plant before invasion.From some aspects,there are copper and an covalent bond beteen two amino acids,while the copper and covalent bond are included in the enzyme.This phenomenon not only appears between two amino acids,but also appears between a tyrosine and cysteine,in other words,the enzyme includes copper and an covalent bond between tyrosine and cysteine,and this can form a free radical location on the protein needed in catalyzing functions.As we mentioned above,it has a important application of quantitative determination of galactose in blood,at the same time,it can also can be used for quantitative determination of other biological fluids.On the other hand,it is always used to locate galactose,at the same time,it can be applied in detecting and dis discriminating glycoproteins.
In some cases,this product can oxidize galactose,and in some cases,it can be also oxidize other galactose ramifications which exist in free and polymeric form.As we all know,sucrose can offer stability,and it may be away by dialyzing against Cu2+ which is 0.001 M .At some aspects,this product is quite stable,moreover,it isn't the pheron.
In conclusion, galactose oxidase belong to the class of enzyme.This product is widely used in our daily life,especially in the industry field.While,we can see it every where,such as sucrose.It exsist in a lot of plants.The most of its functions is that it can be used for determinating the content of lactose.But on the other hand,it can often used in biochemical research.As we all know,this product is selling very well,why the result is like that,because this product has its own outstanding functions,so it is more and more popular by increasing customers.