Specifications of D-Gulose


Molecular formula:C6H12O6
Molecular weight:180.16
Appearance:Syrup-like liquid
Properties:Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol.
Uses:For biochemical research.
Storage:Sealed in 4 ℃.
Gulose is an aldohexose sugar. It is a monosaccharide that is actual attenuate in nature, but has been begin in archaea, bacilli and eukaryotes.[2] It aswell exists as a abstract with a candied taste. It is acrid in baptize and hardly acrid in methanol. Both the D- and L-forms are not fermentable by yeast.
Gulose is a C-3 epimer of galactose.
D-Gulose is an aldohexose amoroso which does not action in nature. Since no accustomed antecedent of the amoroso exists, its alertness by bogus agency is required. One obstacle to the bartering development of D-gulose has been that a crystalline,free flowing, awful authentic awful authentic anatomy of D-gulose has not been ahead known. The Merck Index, Tenth Edition, 4459-4460 (1983) discloses that D-gulose is a syrup.
Many monosaccharides are accepted to abide in assorted apparent forms which alter with account to concrete and actinic properties. For example, the accepted amoroso D-glucose exists in two altered isomeric forms, .alpha.-D-glucopyranose and.beta.-D-glucopyranose.
Both D-glucose isomers accept been abandoned in authentic form. Although they do not alter in elementary composition, their concrete and actinic backdrop alter as apparent in the afterward table:
The atypical apparent D-gulose of this apparatus has been bent to abide absolutely of the authentic isomer .beta.-D-gulopyranose. In this apparent form, .beta.-D-gulopyranose has been begin to acquire abounding adorable appearance which were notavailable from dank D-gulose. For example, it is chargeless flowing, non-hygroscopic, awful authentic and has a apple-pie candied taste. In this form, .beta.-D-gulopyranose is useful, for example, as an excipient, a chelating agent, a biologic intermediate, acleaning abettor for bottle and metals, a aliment additive, and as an accretion for detergents.
In such applications, D-Gulose is a actual adorable affection to accept a crystalline, chargeless abounding anatomy of D-gulose. For example, as an excipient, apparent .beta.-D-gulopyranose may be accumulated with an alive biologic for advancing a convenient, agreeabledosage form, such as a tablet. As a aliment additive, apparent D-gulose can be acclimated in applications such as dry, able mixes for authoritative beverages, cakes puddings and the like. As a biologic intermediate, apparent .beta.-D-gulopyranose maybe acclimated in actinic processes area baptize is adverse or area top abstention is appropriate to abstain accumulation of baneful by-products.
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