The Acrolein use


Acrolein is the simplest of the unsaturated aldehydes and the chemical formula for C3H4O, under normal circumstances a malodorous liquid was colorless and transparent, and its vapor has a strong irritant and lachrymatory. Is very important in the chemical synthesis intermediates, widely used in resin production and organic synthesis.
Abroad as oilfield injection water fungicides to inhibit the growth of bacteria into the water to prevent corrosion and blockage caused by bacteria in the formation. Acrolein is important intermediates in organic synthesis, can be used for the manufacture of methionine (feed additive). Acrolein generated by the reduction of the allyl alcohol is used as the raw material of the production of glycerol; generated by the oxidation of acrylic acid, acrylic acid ester may be further prepared for the acrylate coating. Acrolein dimer aldehydes can be used for system, widely used as paper making, tanning, and textile auxiliaries. Acrolein is glutaraldehyde, 1,2,6 - hexanetriol, and the crosslinking agent, such as raw materials, but also for the colloidal osmium, ruthenium, rhodium manufacturing. The acrolein and bromine role available 2,3 - dibromo propionaldehyde. 2.3-dibromo propionaldehyde pharmaceutical intermediates used in the production of the anticancer drugs methotrexate.