Chemical Description and Use for Cupric acetoarsenite

Cupric acetoarsenite

Chemical Properties:
bluish-green powder
General Description:
An emerald-green powder. Usually contains some water. Insoluble in water. Baneful by assimilation and by ingestion. Used as a copse preservative, insecticide, and pigment.
Air & Baptize Reactions:
Insoluble in water. Decomposes on abiding heating in baptize [Merck].
Reactivity Profile:
Copper acetoarsenite is acrid in acids. Is ambiguous in acids, bases and against hydrogen sulfide [Merck]. Has anemic acerbic or abbreviation powers. Redox reactions can about still occur.
Health Hazard:
Copper acetoarsenite is acutely toxic; the apparent articulate baleful dosage for bodies is 5-50 mg/kg, or amid 7 drops and 1 teaspoonful for a 150-lb. person. Some assimilation may action through the derma and by inhalation, but a lot of poisonings aftereffect from ingestion. It may could could could cause eye and respiratory amplitude irritation. Industrial acknowledgment may could could could cause dermatitis.
Fire Hazard:
Poisonous, airy arsenic oxide may be formed in fires. Acknowledgment of dust to blaze may could could could cause explosion. When heated, or on acquaintance with acerbic or acerbic fumes, Copper acetoarsenite emits awful baneful fumes. Decomposes readily in the attendance of baptize and carbon dioxide to crop phytotoxic arsenical compounds. Can acknowledge agilely with acerbic materials. Ambiguous in acids and bases. Hazardous polymerization may not occur.
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