What is the methylmalonic acid?

Methylmalonic acid

Methylmalonic acid as acicular or bright crystal. Used for amoebic synthesis. Propionic acid, thymidine metabolism action to aftermath methyl two acyl CoA decomposition. On the absence of vitamin B12 and methyl two acyl -CoA metabolism has been bedfast by the excreted in urine. It is a dicarboxylic acerbic that is a C-methylated acquired of malonate.
Increased methylmalonic acid levels may announce a vitamin B12 deficiency. However, it is acute ( those with the ache about consistently analysis absolute ) after getting specific ( those that analysis absolute do not consistently accept the ache acerbic is animated in ). Methylmalonic 90-98% of patients with B12 deficiency. It is not as specific as 20-25% of patients over the age of 70 accept animated levels of MMA, but 25-33% of them do not accept B12 deficiency. For this reason, MMA analysis is not commonly recommended in the elderly.
Methylmalonic acid concentrations in claret are abstinent by Gas chromatographic Mass spectrometry and the accepted ethics of MMA in advantageous humans are amid 73-271 nmol/L.