Guaiacol Description


Guaiacol is a phenolic accustomed artefact aboriginal abandoned from Guaiac resin, as able-bodied as the blaze of lignin. Guaiacol is readily breakable by the heme adamant of peroxidases including the peroxidase of cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes, appropriately it serves a abbreviation co-substrate for COX reactions.1 The blush crop per achromatize at 470 nm is 6,650 (M achromatize reduced)-1 cm-1.2,3,4 Two moles of zguaiacol are breakable for anniversary birthmark of hydroperoxide bargain by the peroxidase. The consistent guaiacol chromophore can be acclimated for the colorimetric assurance of hydroperoxidase activity.
•Guaiacol is a antecedent admixture in authoritative of flavorings such as eugenol, isoeugenol, santalidol;
•as an average in constructed vanillin production;
•it is acclimated in accomplishment of pharmaceuticals (papaverine, phthivazine and others);
•in authoritative of stabilizers and antioxidants for plastics and rubbers;
•as a bounded analgesic and antiseptic;