L-Mimosine Description


CAS Number:    500-44-7
Purity:    ≥98%
Molecular Weight:    198.18
Molecular Formula:    C8H10N2O4
Solubility:    Soluble in 10% NaHCO3 (15 mg/mL), water (Partly miscible), dilute acids, and bases. Insoluble in acetone, and methanol.
Storage:    Store at room temperature
Melting Point:    228 °C (dec.)
Boiling Point:    428.55 °C at 760 mmHg (Predicted)
Density:    1.54 g/cm3
L-Mimosine is a attenuate bulb non-protein amino acid, chemically agnate to tyrosine. It is a toxic amino acid, arresting the development of beef at the G1 phase. The amalgam of the amino acerbic hypusine by deoxyhypusyl hydroxylase is blocked by L-Mimosine; hypusine is all-important for the action of eIF-5A (eukaryotic admission agency 5A), and inhibition of its amalgam leads to abeyance of the corpuscle cycle. L-Mimosine is an inhibitor of DBH, eIF5A and Tyrosinase.