Sodium fluoride description

Sodium fluoride

Sodium fluoride structure, accepted properties, occurrence
Sodium Fluoride has the everyman refractive basis of all accepted optical abstracts which makes it of absorption as a Cerenkov radiator in Particle Physics research. Crystran Ltd. has supplied Sodium Fluoride actual which has been fabricated into ample arrays at CERN and it is acclimated in Ring Imaging Cerenkov Counters (RICH).
Sodium fluoride is an ionic compound, abandoning to accord afar Na+ and F− ions. Like sodium chloride, it crystallizes in a cubic burden area both Na+ and F− absorb octahedral allocation sites; its filigree spacing, about 462 pm, is somewhat abate than that of sodium chloride.
The mineral anatomy of NaF, villiaumite, is moderately rare. It is accepted from plutonic nepheline syenite rocks.