Methyl acrylate production, reactions, and uses

Methyl acrylate

It is produced by acid-catalysed esterification of acrylic acid, which in about-face is produced by blaze of propylene. Owing to its addiction to polymerize, samples about accommodate an inhibitor such as hydroquinone.
The admixture undergoes transesterification to accord a array of added acrylate esters. The transesterification is facilitated because booze and methyl acrylate anatomy a low baking azeotrope (b.p. 62-63 °C). Several added esters are precursors to advantageous polymers.
Methyl acrylate is a archetypal Michael acceptor, which agency that it adds nucleophiles at its terminus. For archetype in the attendance of a abject catalyst, it adds hydrogen sulfide to accord the thioether:
2 CH2CHCO2CH3 + H2S → S(CH2CH2CO2CH3)2
It is aswell a acceptable dienophile.
Methyl acrylate is the forerunner to fibers that are alloyed to accomplish carpets. Acrylates are aswell acclimated in the alertness of polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers about by Michael accession with a primary amine.