Guaiacol Uses


Guaiacol is a by itself occurring amoebic admixture with the blueprint C6H4(OH)(OCH3), aboriginal abandoned by Otto Unverdorben in 1826. Although it is biosynthesized by a array of organisms, this bare ambrosial oil is usually acquired from guaiacum or copse creosote. Samples becloud aloft acknowledgment to air and light. Guaiacol is present in copse smoke, consistent from the pyrolysis of lignin. The admixture contributes to the acidity of abounding compounds, e.g., broiled coffee.
Guaiacol is a forerunner to assorted flavorants, such as eugenol and vanillin. Its derivatives are acclimated medicinally as an expectorant, antiseptic, and bounded anesthetic. It aswell can be acclimated as an indicator in actinic reactions that aftermath oxygen. When oxygen binds to it, the circuitous turns bare amber and absorbs ablaze maximally at about 470 nm.